The Joy Of Christmas

I am sitting at my desk Sunday afternoon, December 11, 2016 with light snow falling outside. There is a feeling of Christmas as the snow falls and also a feeling of joy this time of year brings. I love experiencing the change of seasons and the diverse holidays each season brings. Each day of the year Christ is the centre of my thoughts, but during Christmas my mind is turned back to Jesus as Emmanuel, that little baby that Mary lay in the manger. Yes He was Emmanuel, God with us, but He was also a little baby boy. There is just something special to me in thinking of a new born child. Maybe that is the extra special joy this time of year brings to my heart; to think of Christ Jesus as my Saviour, but also think of Him as a tiny little human baby, so small and precious. The joy that my mind feels as I think of my own children as newborn babies, holding them, swaddling, them, and seeing their innocent littles faces looking at me in great wonder. It is unexplainable the joy that a newborn baby brings, but it is even more unexplainable the joy and peace of knowing that the little newborn baby, Jesus, was also God with us and our loving Saviour who willing gave His sinless life so that we could have the opportunity to be saved. I look up to him with the wonder and amazement of a newborn child looking at their parent for the first time. Yes, Jesus is the reason for every season, but this time of year there is a little bit more remembrance of how special He really is to me.

Pastor Harris

Dr. Jeff Harris is the founding and senior pastor of Beacon. Under the direction of Heritage Baptist church of Barrie the church was planted in Welland in 2004. Through the years the church has moved form renting the Lions club community centre, to 2 market square, then to 119 Division street, and now residing at our current location at 109 Chaffey Street.